Blobjects set 6 and others

Kate Morrill-Ploum

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in the nook between presidents office and Aboriginal Gathering place

In my practice I question the use of space revolving around how or who uses it and how it’s shared or seen. Part of my recent ongoing focus of work has been creating my ‘blobjects’ and staging them in public spots as a space to be curious, personifying them to give a reason to coexist with people in public places and social settings. They are meant to be explorative and wanting to be curious about their surroundings, though restrained with rope to each location, this idea of containment or restraint follows through a lot of my work. 

My blobjects are set up for the show mainly on the second floor in the nook between the President’s office and the Aboriginal Gathering Place
Materiality and what the limits are have always interested me and I tend to explore this in my works, the last couple sets of blobjects have been made of bio-latex, allowing them to look hard but really lets them have some give and flexibility, being squishy to the touch and slowly hardening more as their left out

Blobjects in the wild

Before finding their way into a gallery setting, their location was most commonly outdoors, placed in public spots playing in the space of the public’s view and the surrounding nature, as if trying to fit in with the people who visit these places.


Containing Fire

Using a glass tank on it’s side to hold a clean framed view of the natural world while capturing the uncertainty that is created with the flames above and then within the box. This photo project among other ideas follows the thought of containment and restriction that the blobjects are tied down to.