Dear Body,

Thais Ferraz

My work has always focused on the female body and it’s interactions with surrounding spaces, always photographing others and never myself. More recently my photographs have shifted from other female bodys to my own body and how I relate to it. Initially using my body as a prop or a stand in to tell a story that didn’t always relate to me personally. This project marked a challenge of using my body to tell my own story, of testing limits within myself and the camera, of overcoming insecurities that were limiting my story.

This project started as a way to understand and process my lifelong struggles with body dysmorphia and eating disorders. It started as a documentation of the body, now it has morphed into a form of therapy, discovery of oneself, sadness, acceptance, a letter to my own mind. This project is not in its final form, because my body and my relation to it is forever changing, so there will never be a final photograph to this project. As my practice shifts to a more personal and intimate look at myself I can only imagine that there will be many iterations, editions, versions of this project. Forever changing, reinventing, discovering.