Zeming Li

Duration: 2:23 min

Medium: 2D Digital Animation



A boy is pulling his exhausted and numb body moving in the rain. On the way home, everything in his eyes starts changing, melting, and transforming into something abnormal.

Artist Statement

The film is based on my personal experience of a depressing rainy day after work. In my imagination, everything started changing its form. The interesting part is that I am not out of my mind, I’m just drawing them as it all appeared to be. The idea is also influenced and inspired by “They Live” (1998 John Carpenter) At the very end, The color arrives in after the door opens to my household. The warm and heart-touching moment of returning home is still resonant in my memory. I will never forget that feeling.

Project Stills


Film By: Zeming Li

Music By: JASON

Special Thanks

Lorelei Pepi

Leslie Bishko

All 2DAN-410 students

My Progress

Character Design & Background Art

Zeming Li

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Zeming was born in mainland China, and moved to Canada when he was 15. He has learned 2D animation, 3D modeling, ceramics, photography, and graphic design in his artist life so far. After graduating from Emily Carr, he will turn his passion and focus to graphic design and UI & UX communication design.

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