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Sidney Gordon

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View my film on the Media on Demand, in the Little Theatre (D1375)

Duration: 7:52 min
Medium: 16mm to digital
Writer, Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Editor



i see me watching speculates on the journey to and struggle with finding identity by presenting a first-person depiction of a singular self that has been split into two. The film displays the character’s ever-changing emotions as they follow an anonymous figure through unfamiliar surroundings, and gain awareness of the figure as an integral part of their being.

artist statement

A prominent experience in my life over the past couple of years has been my personal struggle with gender identity. I felt a strong calling to make this film as a way to look at my relationship with my identity from an external point of view. I was inspired to emulate this same journey in my film through the relationship the two characters had with each other. By immersing the viewers in the point of view of the film, and presenting the metaphoric emotions of the character, I aim to create a dynamic that allows for experiential embodiment and diverse connection.

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  • Composer: Aysha Dulong
  • Cinematographer: Emil Vargas
  • 1st Assistant Director: Lauren Olson
  • 2nd Assistant Director and Spotter: Kaïa Barthe-Lessard
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Warren Tang
  • Grips: Pablo Garcia Garcia, Liao Yi
  • Figure: Taliesin Mason-McCrea
  • Production Assistant: Celina de Leon
  • Stills Photographers: Vanessa Denham, Enid Huang
  • Costume Assistant: Tillie Roy
  • Sound Mixer: Matt Stephanson
  • Colorist: Nina Wolf
  • Scanning: Film House

special thanks

  • Lindsay McIntyre
  • Harry Killas
  • FMSA 400/410 Cohort
  • Brittany Appleby
  • Madeleine Keen

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Sidney Gordon

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Sidney Gordon (b. 2000) is a queer, non-binary, multimedia emulsion-based artist born and raised on Treaty 4 territory. They are now residing on unceded Coast Salish territories, where they are practicing and completed their BMA in Film + Screen Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Sidney’s practice predominantly focuses on experimental analog filmmaking and alternative photography, expanding into media-based performance and installation. Their film has been screened by invitation in Zumzieg Cinema’s curated program BLITZ #37 (Barcelona ES), and their recent photographic series was featured in Capture Photography Festival 2022.

Their practice predominantly focuses on experimental analog filmmaking and alternative photography, expanding into media-based performance and installation. Through many cross-disciplinary eco/chemical processes, Sidney’s work challenges the way viewers conventionally interact with everyday structures and materials. The main focus of their film work is creating experiential embodiment, often portraying and deriving from personal subconscious experiences, while their photographic practice dominantly focuses on cameraless holistic processes that question authorship through material collaborations. Alongside their interests in these areas, many of their works also engage with socio-political subjectivity, predominantly across the themes of intersectional feminism, environmentalism, and identity. 

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