Jeongin (Jack) Sung

Mountain Landscape (2022)

“Mountain Landscape” is my senior studio project from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. All illustrations are made digitally. Inspired by a video game that accounts for large numbers of adventure elements, small figure, that is, the character from both pieces and interaction with the surrounding background, comprehensively shows the process of the story, while also suggesting the direction in which the next destination or character in the picture will head to the next.

Process of making Mountain Landscape

Sublime Landscape Project (2021)

“Sublime Landscape Project” delivers a supernatural large-scale landscape including a fantasy theme based on the medieval period. The trilogy illustrations included in the project bring the narrative story of three knight characters as small figures exploring sublime and fantasy landscapes. The main focus of the project is the interaction between small figures of characters and a wide view of the sublime landscape.

Underground Landscape (2021)

“Underground Landscape” is a series of landscape illustrations illustrating the conceptual visual development of the underground world. According to the underground theme works are made with limited colors and tones, also including limited use of light sources to make ‘climax’ or ‘highlight’ viewpoint in images.

Journey (2021)

“Journey” is a trilogy of three landscape concept arts sharing the same fantasy theme and world background. The base narrative flow is based on another interaction between character and landscape with mysterious relics during the journey.

Jeongin (Jack) Sung

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I’m an illustrator and concept artist who creates digital landscape illustrations. My works focus on the narrative visual development of environmental concept art based on fantasy and sci-fi themes including interaction with characters.

Most inspirations for my works including personal projects come from watching and reading the progress of video game production and its contents based on the ACG subculture (Anime-Comics-Games). As a gamer, I do enjoy playing video games, and also from the perspective of an artist, it is a fascinating thing to have the opportunity to participate in creating video game worlds and its story.

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