Niche (Pebble)

Angela Cheng + Vivian Tran

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Exploring the parallels between ecological systems and interior spaces.

From the flow of movement to the ability to adapt to new components or organisms, Niche’s mission is to explore the parallels between ecological systems and interior spaces. This furniture set is inspired by the morphological forms of the natural world and brings a glimpse of nature into the office space.

Through form exploration and user testing, Niche has created a modular furniture set called Ripple and Pebble. These two concepts work together to create a flex space that supports multiple levels of intimacy for personal quiet activities and public gathering events within 565 Great Northern Way.

The Process

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Angela Cheng + Vivian Tran

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Hi I’m Angela, a fourth year industrial design student at Emily Carr University. My practice is focused on beauty in simplicity and a consciousness around sustainability. I am experienced in woodworking and textiles. I love approaching my work with an emphasis on human-centered experience because design should be intuitive and accessible. I’m passionate about fostering connections with an open heart!

Hello! I’m Vivian Tran, a fourth-year Industrial Design student at Emily Carr University. I am experienced in furniture design, rapid prototyping and 3D CAD software. As a student in the industrial design field, I love to explore different mediums and work out of my comfort zone. Being apart of a new generation of designers, I aim to innovate towards a more sustainable future. One that focuses on both human-centred design and environment-centered design. Though there may be challenges ahead, I am excited for what the industry has in store for me.

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