There are Monsters in the Woods (2022)

Poppy Felts


When a ruthless logging machine monster invades Fairy Lake, resident tree saplings Ivy and Ash become endangered and must decide whether to stay and fight for the forest or leave their home.

Artist Statement

As an animator I am interested in examining personal perceptions and ideological concepts, by placing storytelling at the centre of my artistic practice. Through animation I aim to explore concepts and ideas in a way that is both innovative and emotionally compelling. This year I have reflected on our relationship with the environment by exploring the effects of logging and environmental degradation in Canada using anthropomorphism. 3D animation provides an immersive medium to bring this story to life, highlighting our responsibility to protect the environment, while developing my own technical interests in world building, lighting, and compositing.

Project Stills


Poppy Felts – Director, Story, Modeling & Texturing, Animation, Lighting and Compositing, Editing, Sound Design

Courtney Friesen – Rigging

Special Thanks

Woonam Kim, John Li, Ian Woo, Jiwoon Kim, Alec Liu – Chris Strickler, Stephen Wichuck, Matt Stephanson

3DAN class of 2022, Friends and Family

Poppy Felts

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Poppy Felts is a graduate of 3D Animation from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. Born in London, England, Poppy grew up in a creative family as a lover of theatre, music, and visual arts. Since relocating to Canada, Poppy has maintained her interest in theatre and film and naturally gravitated toward animation as a medium to tell stories that combine these influences. After receiving a scholarship for her work in theatre design, Poppy went on to study 3D computer animation focusing her interest and developing her skills in lighting, and digital compositing.

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