Autumn Stewart

Unidentified Food Objects, 2022

Autumn Stewart

Tableware is an imperative element in the everyday ritual of eating, yet its function is often overlooked and assumed. The true influence it holds on daily life is undeniable, but the emotional and perceived value of tableware is unjustifiably low. This asks the question of how we can shake up traditional table codes and challenge everyday eating rituals to form a better relationship with the artifacts that help sustain us?

Unidentified Food Objects seeks to re-design the architecture of tableware, it asks you to leave behind your preconceived notions of how you interact with tableware and approach it as an alien landscape. A new experience without any knowledge on function, or purpose other than the intent to eat and have an experience with one another.

This year long project has taken many twists and turns to become what it is.

It started with ideas of over consumption and under valuing the importance of artifacts in daily life.

Tableware came up often as a material object often had in excess, over flowing in our homes and in thrift stores.

Tableware is a special artifact in our homes, as it is in fact used everyday, but how often do you consider the plates, bowls, cups and utensils that help feed you, or join you with friends and family gathered around?

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