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Carla Burton

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My print of Epimedium leaves is on the north-facing wall of Loafe Mini Cafe.

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Painting is my way of documenting Vancouver; its light, weather, plants and human presence. I like to bring the large, outside world down to a small and intimate scale that can be enjoyed anywhere. 

Pacific Spirit Regional Park contains many important and spectacular native plants but with global warming I worry that their time in this area will come to an end and we will only know them by looking at their preserved specimens. So, I went out to the park and collected branches that were already laying on the ground, brought them into the studio and placed them in front of the window to paint their portraits using acrylics. Weather conditions outside varied for each plant but the verdant North Shore mountains remained a constant backdrop.

  I also found images to paint on my commute to ECU. I travelled by bus and on foot. During the walking portion, I was exposed to a high concentration of homelessness, addiction and cell phoners walking their dogs. Dogs I can handle but the downside of humanity was a culture shock. I know that I would not be tough enough to be bedding down for the night in a doorway on the main drag. 

  Arriving at the front entrance to ECU I could see through its back wall of windows to the church steeples in the near distance. This brought to my mind the dilemma of faith vs reason and does religion result in good or evil.

  Every day I head out the door to a new adventure; some big, some small, some good, some bad. You just never know.

Carla Burton

Native Plants of Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Scenes From My Foot Commute

“Cause It’s A Good Day For Payin’ Your Bills” … Peggy Lee. Acrylic on paper, 22x30in, 2022.
“Faith is the enemy of thought” … Nicholas Meyer.
Acrylic on paper, 22x30in, 2022
Getting Old Is Not For The Fainthearted. Acrylic on paper, 22×30 in., 2022.

Carla Burton

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The work may be quirky but it is always based on direct observation. It is created using Vancouver’s natural and human generated worlds to provide the imagery for painting and printmaking. Carla has lived in Vancouver for the majority of her years but she originated in Edmonton and the prairies still course through her veins. Thus, the quality of light is the foundation of her work with composition, colour and values built upon that. In 2022 she completed her BFA (visual arts) from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

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