Vector Horizon (demo)

Peter Worthington

See it On Campus: Level 2

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The game is set up directly next to the elevators on the second floor. No quarters required.

Vector Horizon is a 3D action game built in the Unity engine, housed in a custom-built arcade cabinet for The Show. Taking inspiration from arcade classics such as Williams’ Robotron: 2084 and Atari’s I, Robot, this demo version lets you blast through 4 levels of polygonal hazards set to an original soundtrack by ECU alumni Ethan Hawksworth.

The game cabinet


  1. Use the left joystick to move.
  2. Use the right joystick to fire at enemies and obstacles.
  3. Moving off the edge of a platform will cause you to jump automatically.
  4. Find and touch the green beam to enter the next level.
  5. For high score, collect archives (the spinning discs) by touching them. Each one you collect without dying gives a larger point value.
  6. Extra lives are awarded every 25,000 points.


Special Thanks to:

  • Peter Bussigel
  • Ethan Hawksworth
  • Jae
  • Bobbi Kozinuk
  • Nick Worthington
  • Jamie Nikkel

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