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Alexander Starzomczyk

The images below are just a few panels from the WebComic Project, they in order of chapter but there are other panels missing between them. I only took my favorites to display here because it would be way too much to upload all 5 chapters of the project. These images will give an idea of how the project looks like, I will be uploading the chapters onto some webcomic sites in the future for those interested.

Alexander Starzomczyk

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Alexander Starzomczyk is an artist from Vancouver, Canada. His whole life he has loved stories in all types of forms, comics, movies, books. This love for stories is what influences his practice as an illustrator, many of his works focusing on narrative. He primarily works in a comic format, but also does single illustrations from time to time. Many of his works are connected by forests, lanterns, and cuckoo clocks. Inbetween drawings, he can be found reading a book, listening to music, playing games, or watching a mystery/thriller show.

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