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Hannah Guilfoyle

Photography by Charlie Dixon

Through prototyping to garment production, I ensured to follow eco-conscious principles; recycling previously worn garments and making as little waste as possible. Finalized garments are sustainably and ethically sourced, as well as screen-printed locally in Vancouver. Workers are paid a living wage and screen-printing was conducted with eco friendly initiatives.


This project aims to explore deeper knowledge and understanding of building a community through the implementation of sustainable and ethical practices within the slow fashion industry. By using effective communication design and slow fashion principles, I set out to create a community united by shared values through the creation of a leisurewear brand.

Opportunity Space

Leisurewear has become a large part of people’s everyday fashion since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we adapted to a new way of living our everyday lives, so did our wardrobes. I believe this to be more than just a fleeting trend in fashion. Many brands within the industry have shifted their designs and business models to focus and embrace this new normal. Although many brands have transitioned to focus on the production of comfy-casual loungewear, not all are built on sustainability and ethics.

I see this project as an opportunity to contribute to the leisurewear community as well as the design community. This brand and its deliverables will serve as an example for other designers in creating a collective of conscious practices through branding.


  • Mission Statement
  • Intentions
  • Values
  • Logo
  • Typographic System
  • Color
  • Garment Production

Mission Statement

Twenty Something is a brand which aims to highlight  the connection between consciousness and comfortability. Conscious of the earth, yourself and your community — all while being comfortable in the garments you wear and where they come from. 

Twenty Something explores the theme of questioning, navigating, and reminiscing on “the best years of our lives;” the twenties. Whether you’re in the thick of it, can’t wait to be there, or looking back  — everybody lives through it.


  • Cultivate a sense of community through the overall theme of the brand. 
  • Aim to instil sustainable and ethical change within the fashion and design industry. This is achieved by following slow fashion practices and being an active participant in the space.
  • Considering this brand began as a case study, its deliverables will serve as an example for other communication designers interested in the development of creating a collective of conscious practices through branding.


Twenty Something values empathy, playfulness, growth and process. 

  • It is imperative that we be more empathetic to each other, the planet, and its resources.
  • Remember to keep things fun and lively. Playing encourages us to live in the moment and to be free. It’s a liberating feeling. 
  • We are all growing at our own paces. Everyone is on their own journey. While this can feel like a  personal moment, it is also what unites us.
  • It’s all about trusting the process. Trust the hardships and  feel those extraordinary moments. This is what shapes us.


Overall, this was such an exciting project to design for my capstone project as part of my undergraduate degree at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. 

The takeaways from this project were deeply rewarding. I had the ability to learn while making — applying and expanding my skillset in the realm of communication design while pushing myself to explore other pathways within the arts. For example, I spent a large portion of this project testing garment quality, embroidering and silk-screening. This allowed me to work across mediums and develop a broader knowledge and understanding of the dynamic between graphic design and textiles. 

Through designing, I was fortunate to have conversations with individuals within the project’s space and theme. Twenty Something is more than a “branding” project. These garments are posters; serving as a platform to ask questions, get words out, and share moments amongst a community.

While the capstone project has come to an end, I would like to continue working on Twenty Something as a personal project. 

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A dedicated and passionate graphic designer with an international background. Eager to provide branding, typography, and art direction for fashion, hospitality and professional industries.By designing beyond the brand, Hannah
creates community and amplifies + uplifts voices through unique perspectives and lively design.