The Unknown

Bethany Lok-yee Tse

The Unknown explores the relationship between reality and children’s imagination. 


The Unknown is inspired by how COVID-19 has affected my daughter and all other kids in the world. We always focus on how it has affected adults, but in fact, it has also affected the kids a lot. For example, my daughter can no longer play in public places without worrying about COVID-19. Also, she doesn’t know how to get along with a large group of people because she had to avoid group activities to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

However, instead of actually adding Covid-related subject matters to it, I decided to create a series of illustrations to illustrate a little girl’s imagination of several magical and surreal events that happened at home. I am trying to show a life of a little girl who doesn’t know what’s happening in the outside world, and is eager to know what the outside world actually looks like.



The one on the left is my initial draft for Scene 1. Later on, I decided to cut off the ceiling and zoomed in to reduce the empty and unnecessary spaces.

I added lots of toys on the floor to create a messy room, in order to show the girl had spent enough time playing in the room. And now, she starts to wonder what the outside world actually looks like.

I first created this Candyland illustration and this was where my inspiration for Scene 4 came from.

After finishing this draft, I thought it didn’t go well with other pieces in my project, in terms of composition and the absence of the little girl. Therefore, I changed the scene to the girl actually playing and running around in the Candyland.

I have learned a lot from this Candyland draft. I realized when the perspective changes, it changes the atmosphere and mood of the artwork, which takes a significant role in conveying different emotions.


Thanks for sparing your time looking at my artworks and hope you enjoyed them!

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to contact me:)

Bethany Lok-yee Tse

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Bethany is an illustrator who mainly works with digital and pencil crayons. While some of her works explore children’s imagination that looks magical and mysterious, some of her works reflect her emotion and frustration towards stereotypes that she experienced. She is very bold with using colors and likes to explore different color palettes to create various atmospheres in her works.

In her free time, she takes care of her 3-year-old and 2-month-old daughters!

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