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Emily Carr has been the most exciting adventure I have taken on. Initially, I got back to creating art through a local art studio in Kamloops, BC in 2018. I was taken under a few local artists that taught me and eventually allowed me to lead art classes of my own. I am very grateful to them because it brought me here. My love of teaching children led me to art school and exploring many new mediums that fed my thirst to try new things. I have since tried watercolour, digital, oil paints, ceramics, sculpture, ink, performance, installation, print, and many more! Above all of that, my instructors made sure I knew how to nourish my practice with research and foundational knowledge.

A Collection of Little Things

I chose to focus my final year of Emily Carr on the process of enjoyment. I created illustrations that was based around my own nostalgia. From colour palettes to hobbies and daydreams, I found that these “random” moments I’ve illustrated were moments of my own that I wish I could go back to. This collection highlights my favourite parts of childhood and through various mediums as I’ve previously explored. I specialize in children’s illustration and I hope you see the joy I had in creating each of these pieces! 🙂

Bunny Ballet
2021, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper
Inside My Blanket Fort
2022, digital

A Hug

2022, oil on canvas

One day as I was packing up to go home from a long day of class, I ran into my friend who said “hey, can I have a hug?”. This gesture, so simple, but so impactful to my day and hers made me realize how valuable a warm embrace was. After seasons of isolation, and being unable to see friends and family, I was inspired by touch and how hard it was to be deprived of touching someone you love; which was what humanity had to go through during the peak of the pandemic. I created this oil painting in the state of love and being in an embrace that is so tight, you might have just ended up fusing into one body.

You can find this painting in The Grad Show 2022 on the first floor in room D1359.

Roxanne Dimarucot

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Roxanne Dimarucot is a Filipinx-Canadian illustrator and painter. She is based in Vancouver, BC but grew up in a small town in southern Manitoba. Her main focus is children’s literature and teaching kids art because of their joy, creativity and imagination. Her work celebrates the ordinary moments, trying new things, and having fun. You can also find her dancing, acting, gaming, and eventually picture-book making!

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