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“There is no one way to be Filipino. If your family has roots 
in the Philippines, then you are one of us.”
– Jan Vincent Gonzales


This project stemmed from my own personal feelings toward my Filipino background and the disconnect I felt from it. I am born and raised in Vancouver BC and grew up in a relatively white-dominant neighbourhood as well as elementary school/high school. I can’t speak the language my parents/family spoke (which is Bisaya) and can just barely understand them. Growing up there was a constant struggle of not seeming Filipino and having ambiguous features didn’t help. Through this project, I got to learn a little bit about my culture, connect with individuals with similar experiences and learnt how to accept the things I may have lacked and recognize those things don’t make me any less Filipino.


The ‘Authentically Filipino’ tool kit and blog strive to create a space for Filipino Canadians. The goal is to encourage conversations within the community through storytelling to facilitate self-acceptance and empower those in the community. This project is dedicated to individuals who never truly felt Filipino enough. This is a reminder that despite what you believe you lack, your upbringing, and your experiences, being authentically you is Filipino enough.

Visual Identity:

keywords: calming, reassuring, acceptance


The neon orange burst is a play on the sun that is present in the Filipino flag. Layered behind are the letters F & E in the typeface Ikapito standing for Filipino Enough. These colours were decided with the consideration of the riso printer colours while wanting the overall visual identity of this project to be vibrant, warm, and filled with energy.

Making the Comfort Kit:

Comfort Kit Contents:

Intro Card to put into context the Comfort Kit to individuals.

Handpainted tote bag with the hopes of sparking conversation wherever it goes.

Snacks that are iconic to the Philippines + Kasama Chocolates (based in Vancouver)that pair well with the keyword comfort.

Zine 1.0:

The first zine included are my own personal 
experiences. Each page is categorized to prompt others to also think of their own experiences while reading mine. The main purpose of this zine is to reassure and comfort others in similar situations.

Zine 2.0:

What prompted me to make a second zine to the kit was when I organized a photoshoot plus meet up with individuals who were willing to share their stories with me and have a conversation.

The Shoot:

BTS + some shots bellow
+ people who couldn’t make it to the in person shoot but gladly shared their stories

final of zine 2.0

This zine is meant to be something that can keep on sharing multiple stories and experiences. That is why it is vol.1 and vol. 2 and onwards is something that can be
created in the near future. (bellow is just a few of the spreads)

Poster Series + Poster:

All these posters are scans of my riso printed versions. I used neon orange + pink at full opacity in the series while playing with less opacity in the second one as well
as gradients.

Authentically Filipino Blog:

This blog was made to encourage the sharing of stories + experiences in the Filipino Canadian community to create connections and unity.

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Erin Rose is a graphic designer with a focus on typography, visual identity, print, and co-design. Erin is always looking for new ways of learning and loves a challenge to help her grow in her design practice and stay inspired.

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