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Hannah Franes + Camille Verreault-Beauchesne

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Feel free to pick up and read the physical magazine! The magazine, as well as a rug we made from entirely reclaimed fabric, will be hanging on the left wall right after the cafeteria!

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No matter which was you look at it, Canada is number 1 (or very close to number one) in WASTE GENERATION per capita. We produce more waste at our businesses, schools, and homes, than the USA, than China, than almost every single one of the 7,950,061,577 people in the world who don’t live here. That being said, unless you are Chip Wilson, the Prime Minister, or one of the other richest and most powerful people in Canada, I don’t think you personally hold a huge amount of responsibility for our waste issue ( …Maybe more than the 7 billion people whose lifestyles generate a tiny fraction of the waste that your does, but still). The reason is that the majority of Canada’s waste comes from non-residential sources–construction, industrial activities, businesses, institutions, etc.

Anyway, we all live on this planet, and IF you are ABLE to take a stab at reducing the waste you generate, I’d say it’s worth doing. Currently, we don’t have any great Graphic Design Project Ideas that might divert large amounts of industrial waste. However, we have come up with some ideas to use the waste coming from smaller businesses and institutions, while simultaneously eliminating the need for buying new things!

This magazine is meant for anyone who likes making stuff: Artists, designers, builders, DIYers, interior decorators, seamstresses or whoever! One of the best ways to reduce waste is to stop buying stuff (also a great way to save money). This magazine is here to help and inspire you to stop buying anything new for your backyard projects, workshops, sewing circles or school assignments by hooking you up with FREE TRASH (aka cool and interesting reclaimed materials from businesses).

This magazine was designed using materials from around Vancouver that would have otherwise been trash.

Hannah Franes + Camille Verreault-Beauchesne

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Hannah Franes

My two favourite things are flawless, functional design and chaotic, messy, beautiful art. The small town I grew up in was super conducive to the latter, with my dad bringing me random materials from his tire shop to work with, local mentors teaching me glass mosaics, and the chance to make the posters for the local pool’s themed “fun swims.” (Lifeguarding was my first career.)

Throughout my time at university, I’ve had the chance to develop skills in cleaner, communicative design. I’ve also had a ton of fun learning new mediums such as 3D modelling, animation and screenprinting. My favourite projects have involved new mixes of mediums, working with others, and working towards a healthier planet.