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Josie Breuls

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This project celebrates dyslexia through creativity. The works aim to build more empathy for dyslexics and feature the unique abilities dyslexia gives people. This body of work includes many different mediums such as a painting, a poster series, a font, an activity, and framed work.

A World Without Dyslexia

In this riso printed poster series, I imagined a world without dyslexia. This emphasised that dyslexia isn’t something we have to overcome, it is something that benefits our society. It also shows that these people made these things not despite their dyslexia, but because of their dyslexia. 

Simulating Dyslexia

This is a font that simulates dyslexia by reversing the letters as the user types. In addition to simulating dyslexia, the font communicates the disconnect between what the user is thinking and what comes out. This is something I struggled with as a dyslexic person. I often found it difficult to explain what I was thinking and to communicate my ideas.

Experiencing Dyslexia

This riso poster series displays my dyslexia simulation font. The posters contain personal stories and information about dyslexia. This allows the viewer to experience what it is like to be dyslexic. The viewers were encouraged to time themselves while reading the stories and write down their times.

Owning Dyslexia

This work is a series of my spelling tests from grades one to three framed in shadow boxes. The spelling tests show letter reversals and phonetic processing issues, classic manifestations of dyslexia in writing. This work allowed me to embrace my dyslexia.

Unlearning Letters

This piece is an interactive activity where people are encouraged to create sculptures out of letters. This actively engages people by allowing them to look at the physical properties of letters rather than their symbolism. I found purposely looking at letters the wrong way very empowering as a dyslexic person.

Josie Breuls

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Josie Breuls is a Vancouver-based designer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from Emily Carr University of Art & Design. She has a strong background in Visual Arts, specifically acrylic painting. She has experience working for start-up companies and re-branding established businesses.

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