Dreamy Night

Kira Mitchell

Hello! these are some of the wonderful projects I’ve worked on throughout my final years at Emily Carr. The few works I have on this page show my love for mythology, colour and digital illustrations. My first piece Dreamy Night was made to symbolize how representation can matter, the main figure gazes up at glimmering bugs similar to her own body.

Dreamy Night / digital

Mythology Project

This project started off as a tarot card project, I’ve since decided the work speak for itself rather than to make it a tarot card deck. Mostly representing goddesses that are less known such as Idunn, Jörd, Sól, and Hel, the wolf is Fenrir.

Ragnarok / digital

Deaths Stare / Digital

Oil Painting/ Portraiture

I’ve developed a true love for oil painting and portraiture over my four years at emily carr. I love doing family portaiture, and self portraiture.

Kira Mitchell

Kira Mitchell is an illustrator born and raised in North Vancouver; being influenced by her grandfather’s paintings of goblins, dragons and other creatures, she pursued a career in art. Her works primarily focus on mythology, fantasy, portraiture, and nature. The mediums she enjoys most are digital and oil painting. Kira also has experience in traditional mediums as well. She aspires to become a tattoo artist and work as an illustrator.

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