Bianca Lai, Carman Chan

Duration: 3m40s

Medium: 3D Computer Animation, 2D Digital Animation


As the university deadlines approaches, Kai struggles to find motivation and balance in his life. Days go by in the enclosure of his small room and the concept of time seems lost, yet the deadlines loom nearer by each beat of the clock. When the world starts to look dull and grey, a goldfish appears before his eyes.

Film Website:

  • Written, Directed, & Produced: Bianca Lai & Carman Chan
  • 2D animation: Alex Choi, Christy Chan, Soph! Su
  • Music: Shinkai (心海) by Eve

Artists’ Statements

Tomorrow is always approaching nearer every passing moment. In recent years, I have been so concerned about the future, now that I’m right at the turn on the road, I wonder if I ever have the chance to pull on the brakes. My idea of a successful life is not about where I end up, rather it is how I can make the most of my life, living in every moment. A constant reminder I will give to myself now and tomorrow, it’s alright to take a breather from my journey and just pause to savour the world around me at this very moment.

Reverie means daydream, as it happens, art wasn’t always a path I’ve envisioned, it always felt like something unrealistic. I was introduced to drawing at an early age by my father, and from then on I spent my free time imagining fantastical stories and drawing on scrap pieces of paper when I could, while focusing on a more traditionally academic career. I took a leap of faith when deciding on post-secondary education and applied to an art school. Reverie is a little call back to those times, a reminder for me that I lose out on all the chances I don’t take.

Filmmaker’s Biography

Bianca Ao Xue Lai

Bianca Lai was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Her family moved to Canada where she grew an interest for the arts and crafts. Growing up in a family with a love for travelling, she got to experience the culture and people from many different countries from a young age, which developed her curiosity and understanding in visuals and language. She is now graduating from Emily Carr University with a bachelor degree in the media arts, with the goal to pursue 3D computer modelling and animation in the Industry.


Carman Chan

Carman Chan was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Much of her artistic inspiration comes from comics, novels, and animations, and her father who encouraged her to start drawing at an early age. She always saw art as a small hobby, until she began joining online art communities and sharing her fan artwork online and saw others make a career out of something they enjoyed. She recently graduated from Emily Carr University with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts, majoring in 3D Computer Animation.