Carrie Braybrooks

IDENTITY COLLECTIVE is a biannual print magazine and online platform centred on the discovery and construction of personal identity through storytelling and memory sharing.

The pilot issue, The “Halfie” Issue explores themes of biracial identity and the uniqueness of that experience.

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Identity Collective promotes the idea that identity can be whatever you want it to be. It changes and evolves with you. It is not set in stone. Not now, not ever.

IDENTITY COLLECTIVE’s online platform offers a space for groups of friends and family to connect through memory sharing and storytelling.

Members of the collective can upload their own stories and photos to share with their group. These write-ups can take many forms– anything from memories that the whole group will remember, to personal reflections or summaries. Browse the home dashboard of your group’s private sharing portal to explore the stories of your community.

Carrie Braybrooks

Carrie is a designer and photographer with a focus on typography, visual identity, and art direction.

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