Carrier Bags

Teagan Eve Moore

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Located in the Sculpture gallery, in a large dimly-lit room to the left.

Carrier Bags, 2022
KN95 mask offcuts, steel, mannequin bases

culvert (Renfew Ravine), 2022
polarizer film from recycled computer monitor

Sensible Heatflux, 2022
plexiglass offcuts

Sensible Heatflux is a collaborative performance, playing sound using both analog and custom digital synths in response to the shapes of our sculptures and the acoustics of the space.

Teagan Eve Moore

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Teagan Eve Moore is an emerging artist and BFA Visual Arts + SPACE Minor graduate of Emily Carr University, focusing on Sculpture + Expanded Practices.

My creative practice focuses on sculpture from repurposed materials through an intuitive ‘way-finding’ that highlights what the materials have to say. Often these materials have industrial histories that emphasize relationships between economy and consumption, where I seek to translate these materials into cyclical relationships. Additionally, my sculpture practice frequently involves extensions into new media and sound art.

In my recent work, I am exploring the hidden iconography embedded in masks, particularly by taking offcuts from the manufacturing process of Vancouver-made KN95 masks and transforming them into forms that reference my interest in ‘tidalectics’. The geometric shapes linger between resembling sea life and distorted lungs, and through the installation of speakers, they breathe sounds that further this tension between the ocean and Anthropocene.

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