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Nina Wolf

Film Editor and Colourist


Colourist Reel 2022

Artist Statement

My colour work covers a variety of styles, pulling vivid colours from each and enhancing the stories that lie within the frame, enriching the content. This year my work covers many genres from comedy and drama to experimental film, all taking different approaches to colour including for “The Break-Up”, “Somewhere”, “Disconnection”, “Roomies”, “My Fantasies Keep Me Up At Nite”, “Dress Up”, “Canto VI”, and “i see me watching”. Each film took me into different colour worlds and influences. From Tarantino’s rich reds to Lanthimos’ cool shadows, I looked for inspiration from my favourite filmmakers. Additionally, I worked as the editor for “The Break-Up”, directed by Lauren Olson, taking my editing skills to a new level with a dark comedy.

Films Worked On

  • I see me watching – Dir. Sidney Gordon
  • Canto VI – Dir. Emil Vargas
  • Somewhere – Dir. Jessie Luo
  • Roomies – Dir. Alejandro Peniche
  • One More Time – Dir. YueMing Hong
  • The Break-Up – Dir. Lauren Olson
  • My Fantasies Keep Me Up At Nite – Dir. Celina De Leon
  • Dress Up – Dir. Anastasiia Frolova
  • Disconnection – Dir. Amanda Avery

Nina Wolf

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​​Nina is a 21 year old Colourist and Film Editor from Victoria, BC now based in Vancouver. She has a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and her practice straddles multiple areas of filmmaking, from editing and colour to writing horror films. Her colour work focuses on rich, saturated colors, deep contrasty shadows, and dreamy color palettes, while her editing focuses on intimate reactions of the actors, and highlighting the smallest details of their performances. Working first as a cinematographer and camera operator, it wasn’t until 2020 and the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic when she realized her interests had shifted to post production. Now her passion is as an editor and colourist, but her early experience with cinematography and on set production energizes her work with a different perspective of detail.

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