A Stargazer’s Guide to Filmmaking

Warren Tang

Live Action-Animation, Comedy

Duration: (9:58min)



A film director and his assistant get into a heated argument over the schedule after the cast fails to show up. Little do they know, the worst has yet to come…

Behind the Project

I remember on several occasions whereas a friend group we would binge-watch past student films to amuse ourselves. We would skim past every film, make fun of the badly written dialogue, the awkward editing, performances, and whatnot. It’s such a pity all those efforts and thoughts that went into those films are now reduced to insubstantial trivial chit-chat and ridicule, and naturally, I was worried that one day my film would meet the same fate.

It is a fear that I think all filmmakers have experienced but refuse to acknowledge. It is the vacuum between us and the audiences, the vacuum where all our best intentions expire and decay. This existentialist theme is something that I’ve been exploring throughout my work, and A Stargazer’s Guide to Filmmaking is a comedic approach to this idea.

Project Stills


Cast: Matthew Letkeman, Enayat Ahmady

Director: Warren Tang

Written by: Warren Tang

1st Assitant Director: Pablo Garcia

Casting Director: YueMing Hong

Directors of Photography: HwaPyung Lim, Emil Vargas

Animations and Vfx: Lili Li, Warren Tang

Camera Ops: Emil Vargas, Lauren Olson

Camera Assists: Jessie Luo, Anastasiia Frolova

Sound Recording: Nancy Yan, Lili Li

Sound Mixing: Lili Li, Matt Stephanson

Set Decorations: Celina de Leon, Sidney Gordon, Nam Le, Sebastian Kaschel

Extras/friends: Pablo Garcia, Wax, Nam Le, Celina de Leon, Sidney Gordon, HwaPyung Lim, YueMing Hong, Warren Tang, Jessie Luo, Anastasiia Frolova, Lauren Olson

Special Thanks: Harry Killas, Lindsay Mcintyre, Marie-Suzane Scratch, Kaia Barth-Lessard, Alejandro Peniche, Shinro Takada

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Warren is a sculptor, filmmaker, and devout iconoclast. He is driven to find new, alternative, and oftentimes worse ways to make art. He holds a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design where he focused on Film + Screen Arts.

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