Ponder, Conjure and Share

Megan McClennon

Ponder, conjure and share is a public art project that is designed to get people that pass by it to pause, read an inspirational message, answer a question, or to take a little something they need to fill the gap they are feeling at that moment in addition to viewing some empathic art.

Art in the Public

Art left around the city in a number of different spots.

Community Interactions

Community questions purposed to anyone who walks by.

Responses from the Community

Messages through Instagram from the community who were engaged with the art.

Installation at the Grad Show

About the Artist

Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Megan grew up with a mom and a dad and a little bro.  At the age of 4, Megan was given a crayon and paper and from then on she was addicted to art.  With encouragement from her mom, she was enrolled in many art classes, when she was young, fueling her passion.  Megan was lucky to have great art teachers as she grew up in school that encouraged her to explore, imagine and create many things.​