Printmaking & Collage : A Study of Multiples and Intersections

Jordan Utting

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My print is installed in the zone 4 gallery, fka the faculty gallery. It is a new work that was created specifically for the physical exhibition, and is not presented on this webpage.

My career at ECUAD has been extremely interdisciplinary. Throughout my undergraduate degree I have worked in sculpture, creative writing, book media, printmaking, photography, collage, painting, drawing, and through an intersection of many of these mediums. Throughout my five years at Emily Carr, I have been prolific in my practice and have grown a large portfolio.

My practice is personal, looking inward for concepts to explore. I often interrogate my own experiences through writing and visual language. My work explores the concept of memory, childhood, trauma, and identity. My lifelong struggle with mental and physical illnesses has interested me in the connection between the mind and body, and how art can interact within this realm.
Recently, my practice has been focused on printmaking, photography and collage. I have most recently been using lithography to create prints of original hand-cut collages that use appropriated imagery from various sources. These collages use both humour and surrealism to tackle subject matter like the absurd complexity of life, as well as more arduous topics like personal experience with trauma.

Although I work in an interdisciplinary way, the body of work I have chosen to represent my BFA in the Grad Show is a selection of my work in lithography, book making, and silkscreen. I feel as though these works encompass my practice as they showcase my most prominent mediums. These works are all found photographs, collage, book and print media all in one.

Collage Lithographs

Watch The World Burn, 2020-2021
lithograph on rag paper
19″ x 12.5″
edition of 4

Untitled Collage, 2020
lithograph on rag paper
12.5″ x 9.5″
edition of 4

In the Palm of Your Hand (Variation 1), 2020
lithograph on rag paper
9″ x 11″
edition of 4

Hand Me That (green), 2021
lithograph on rag paper
12″ x 12″
edition of 4

Untitled Dreamscape, 2021
lithograph on rag paper
19″ x 25″
edition of 2

Hand In Hand, 2022
lithograph on masa
10.5″ x 15″
edition of 4

Collage Books and Zines


This project is my semester project for my final senior visual arts studio.
BEWARE OF DOG is an installation of select prints, sculptures and unique art objects that explore the themes of childhood trauma, joy, and forgiveness. This installation was a visual facet to hold space for memory and compassion for myself and my family during mine and my sister’s childhoods.
BEWARE OF DOG asks the viewer to contemplate both a genuine warning and the playfulness that encompasses that threat.

spray foam sculpture
40″ x 26″

grandpa and grandma on their wedding day, 2022
silkscreen on raw canvas, sateen fabric, embroidery thread, gold coin
19” x 13”

i (will) forgive, 2022
found mirror, air dry clay, pencil crayon
7” circumference

DOG BITE, 2022
silkscreen on rag paper, monoprint
22″ x 30″

the problem with easy hiding places is that you always get found, 2022
& back when things were easier than they are now, 2022
silkcreen on cotton

Jordan Utting

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Jordan Utting is an interdisciplinary artist from Toronto, Ontario. She graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2022. She is beginning a Master of Fine Arts in Print Media degree at Concordia University, Montreal QC, in fall 2022.
She has been published in “WOO” magazine on four separate occasions, has been included in four group shows at Emily Carr University, and one at Dundarave Print Workshop. Utting has created and curated a collaborative publication titled “Paper Jams art zine.”

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