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Jordan Corder-Swanson

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Sculpture installation area, east end of the building

Queer Joy and the Phenomenology of Gendered Language

Jordan Corder-Swanson

Jordan Corder-Swanson (They/Them)

This installation focuses on queer joy and gender
euphoria sparked by our language and senses.
Viewers are invited to play, relax and connect
with their bodies through multiple sensory outlets.
The body of the work is based on lived experiences
and explores how the ways in which we speak shape
queer gendered, transgendered and nonbinary phenomenology.

The installation environment is constructed with
deep blue textile cyanotypes displaying bodies swimming through space.

Everyone is encouraged to enjoy the visuals while
floating in a sensory swing or relaxing in a deep pressure couch and listening to the
thoughts, memories and experiences of queer
people from various identities and backgrounds
reflecting on their relationships with gender and language.

For the full installation experience please listen to the audio below

Jordan Corder-Swanson

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