When Autumn…

Eileen Widjaja & Qinthara Ircaszya

Duration: 3:52 min

Medium: 3D Animation


An old man finds familiarity of his deceased son on his new neighbour kid. Through the eyes of the old man, he found closure in unlikely friendship and togetherness.

The Animation

Illustration Design

Characters (Get to Know Them!)

Your typical grandpa who looks grumpy on the outside but is a kind soul on the inside.
That active kid across your house who plays with rocks and goes to soccer club.


Film Stills

Meet the Directors

Eileen Widjaja

is an Indonesian born artist with an interest in the visual elements of art. She loves working on details and color compositions in digital art. This leads her interest to texturing and lighting in animation. Eileen graduated as a Bachelor of Media Arts in Emily Carr University of Art + Design and aims to grow professionally as a texture and lighting artist.

Contact: eillencordeline@gmail.com

Qinthara Ircaszya

is an artist who challenges the 3D Animation medium. She is born and raised with lots of exposure to arts before finally deciding to dive into 3D medium. Directing, Animation, and Image- making are some of things she would be pursuing if she was interested in a 3D CG career.

Contact: qintharaircaszya@gmail.com