Ronin (2022)

Kaan Y Yılmaz, Brian Dinh


(5:47 min)


3D and 2D Animation

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In a futuristic dystopian world, a young samurai struggles with his master’s teachings, while still mourning his father’s death. Meanwhile, a forgotten threat lurks in the shadows.

Project Stills


Kaan Yilmaz – Director, Story, Character Design, Environment Modeling, Prop Modeling, Character Modeling, Lighting, Animation, Film Editing, Voice Acting.

Brian Dinh – Co-Director, Character Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Animation, Illustration.

Nam Le – Original Score, Music Composition

Special Thanks To

Rubén Möller

John Li

Filmmaker Biographies

Kaan Y Yilmaz

Kaan Y. Yılmaz is a Turkish, Vancouver based animator and 3D modeler. He has been drawing and creating art ever since he was able to hold a pencil. He studied 3D Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, with a specialty focus in 3D modeling characters, environments and props. His professional experiences include illustration, writing stories, designing original characters and video editing, and is focused on developing a career in the animation industry.


Brian Dinh

Brian Dinh was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and will be graduating from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, having studied 3D Animation, with a preference for character design and character modeling.


Kaan Y Yılmaz, Brian Dinh

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Kaan Yarkın Yılmaz is a Turkish 3D Animator, modeler and digital artist. He studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where he completed his Bachelor of Media Arts. He normally was into illustration but realized how limitless his story telling could become if he went into the 3D department. His latest short film Ronin is a sci fi that takes place in a futuristic samurai world and depicts the themes of forgiveness, redemption as well as honor.

I have been into films ever since I was an infant. Especially films that put the audience through a personal journey along with the main character. I, as a watcher myself, am driven by personal stories where the protagonist goes through an evolution throughout the story and eventually becomes the best version of themselves. Watching the character evolve just makes me feel more attached to the story and the person. Therefore, I decided to follow a similar journey. The narratives that have driven me are through science fiction and fictional media ranging from movies, comic books and video games that have really influenced my creativity.

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