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What: 3D printing with a material that is incorporated with moss, so that the printed object can grow. 

How: This project is composed of a redesigned LDM 3D printer, the material that can grow, and a workshop outline introducing this process to students as an educational tool.

Why: Building relationships between humans and nature through technology. Attempting to make people realize the value and beauty of the often ignored plants around us. 

The Material

the formula is made up of soil clay water and moss at a racial that is 10:18:27:1. Half the amount of clay and soil is added with 1whole amount of moss and water to be blended in the blender, and then the other half of clay and soil is added to the slurry, further mixed and fed through the meat grinder for a finer blend. And the material is ready for printing

The printer

The printer is a modified Ender 3 Pro with its initially heated plastic extruding print head replaced with a custom-designed liquid deposition modelling printhead. The print head took many iterations to function properly and has the capacity to do the material exploration that is intended. The printer can print up to 12 oz of material at a time, and for the intention of the material I created, has a 7mm diameter nozzle attached.


The workshop is designed for kids from 10 to 13, using 100% natural and organic material instead of plastic, which kids often lose interest in very fast; this way they can print their own material and care for and nurture it for a longer period of time to see it change and grow.

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