Life A-Float

Bear Fraser

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The designing (and dreaming) of space to support lifestyle and community. 

Life A-Float is centered around Space Design. Tangerine Dream, a 28ft Sailboat, serves as the catalyst for a project that sought to find a healthy, affordable alternative within the context of the overpriced Vancouver rental market. Creating a small, comfortable nomadic home that could enable a healthy and happy lifestyle became a way to think about what it takes to promote better day-to-day behavior. 

As the work progressed it became clear that it also took on another important aspect; it created and supported a social space for friends to interact with one another. Like-minded people were brought in contact with and able to value the beauty of the natural environment in a new way. 

The sea and trees that surround the boat and the tasks of helping build, cook and spend time together changed perspectives, allowing those involved to think differently about the everyday demands of work, school, and lifestyle. It also became a place to think of future possibilities during an odd time of transition. 

In reality, the project Life A-Float started well before its official start date as a capstone design project.  Likewise, it will continue to grow well past its official end date of April 2022. A vessel to grow community, lifestyle, and to live the Dream on the Sea.