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Who are you? It’s a daunting question that I’ve spent my whole life searching for the answer to. I’ve never been able to truly identify it, feeling caught between the lines of growing up with a multicultural background. It seems so simple, yet so complicated all at once. What lies behind that question is a true reflection of yourself and your identity.

I am Becoming.

Becoming is a self-examination through the recollection of memories, uncovering and unfolding the loss of cultural and self-identity. This narrative encapsulates the interplay of self-identity through the influence of exposure to multiple cultures, either ethnically or environmentally within the exploration and analysis of my own experiences. Through this project, I sought to reveal the magnitude of the impact of the role these influences and experiences play in the development of identity. Each and every one of us is on our own personal journey. We wonder about the future and dwell in the past. We feel this constant need to belong and desire acceptance and validation for ourselves. We reflect on the choices we’ve made, the mistakes we’ve learned from, and the experiences that built the person we have become. Ultimately, we begin to understand who we are and whom we want to be. We are all making our own journey towards becoming.

Each book in the series reflects on the different chapters of my past, discussing topics of memory, acceptance, and growth. The stories contained in these books are the experiences that have shaped the way I view myself and the world around me. It is challenging to think back at some of these memories, in some ways, it’s almost as if you are reliving them. You see the change in yourself from this timeline of your life, whether it may be good or bad. It is a chance for you to seek the truth within you and continue this path towards finding yourself.

If Only I Knew is the first reflection in this series that centres around my earliest years in Vancouver, Canada and follows into my move to Paris, France. It focuses on the power of memory and the beginning of building the foundation of identity.

The second rendition, Fragments, discusses my return to Canada and the challenges that came along with adapting to a new environment. It encounters stories of experiences of racism and oppression and the fear of change.

The final book, All That I Am, is a recollection of the memories and stories moving into my teens and into early adulthood. It reveals the impact of trauma and examines mental health issues and the importance of self-worth and acceptance.

If you would like to read and access all the Becoming books, please visit my linktree page,

Becoming – If Only I Knew
Becoming Books – Back Covers
Becoming – Fragments

Becoming is about telling a story.

Everyone has their own journey towards their becoming. Exploring self-identity is daunting but it is a journey that encompasses all that you are and will guide you towards finding your place in the world. It may be filled with joy, happiness, sorrow and pain. It may seem easy at times and difficult at others. Yet through this journey, you learn to find yourself and move towards the beginning of a new discovery. I hope you will find and continue your path towards your becoming.

Be patient.

You are both a masterpiece and a work in progress.

You are becoming.

Francisca A. Kurnia

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Francisca Kurnia is a communication and graphic designer, graduating from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design. Based in Vancouver, BC, she uses her cultural and personal experiences to create connections within design. Her current works depicts themes of identity and self-discovery. She continues to focus on creating meaningful and thoughtful designs in her everyday practice.

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