The Environmental Cost of Denim

Mahnoor Hasan

Everyone owns denim in some shape or form whether it is jeans, overalls, a jacket and more. It has become an everyday staple garment in our lives today. However most of us do not stop and think where did the denim come from or who made the denim. 

The aim was to give people an insight into the environmental impacts of denim. As well as make people think and question the denim industry’s choices. Therefore I created a digital publication exploring the environmental consequences caused by manufacturing denim.

Take a look at the digital publication to see some of the environmental impact caused by denim production.

The publication was designed to consolidate the research I did because while researching I noticed the information was spread out into small pieces over multiple different websites. This made makes it hard for people to see the big picture. Also the body copy was written as an introductory summary into the environmental issues so that people would get a general understanding. Thus hopefully people would be curious and want to learn more. As well as create some change in people’s habits and start some changes in the industry.

Mahnoor Hasan

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