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At what pace are you living life? How fast does the world compel you to live? 
We are pushed into a fast-paced life and are losing track of what is truly important:
spending time to focus on ourselves. 

My project, Comma, will guide you to slow down and improve the quality of your life, even if it’s only for a moment.


This project was initiated from my personal experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, I often felt anxious and depressed without specific reasons. But this was a serious problem for not only myself, but also for the whole world. The number of people suffering from mental illness around the world has skyrocketed during the pandemic, and this brought me to reflect on the cause of this worldwide issue. 

In circumstances in which there had to be new changes implemented every day, we, who had to adapt to such changes, resultantly became exhausted and insecure. We have been forced to partake in adapting to such rapid changes.

In this fast-paced world where our worth is measured by how much we can do and where productivity must always be maximized,
we need to slow down —
Slow down to consider how we can prioritize self-care and know how much we can withstand.


This project moves against the world’s reality that we have to live without time for rest and reflection.

The goal of this project is to research and apply how the idea of slowness can actually provide an opportunity to focus on ourselves as well as our emotional and mental health.

My target audience is the general public, especially workers, students, and those who are struggling with mental health problems, who do not usually have a chance to take care of themselves.



Since my project was originally inspired by my personal experience during COVID-19 pandemic, I chose to conduct interviews as the primary method of my self-directed research. Through these interviews, I wanted to listen to others’ personal thoughts and experiences on the idea of slowness versus a fast-paced life.

I asked four different interviewees to partake in my research, and fortunately, we were able to meet in person and have a conversation about the topic.

Watch short video documentation of the interviews.


After I decided to design a journal kit, I started researching similar products in the current market. Since there were already various kinds of mindfulness kits on the market, thinking about how I could differentiate my kit was the biggest challenge. 

Then, when I looked at the existing mindfulness journals, I found that it was difficult to keep-up with writing the journal consistently as they were usually very thick and had too many pages. That is when I started brainstorming how I could combine the journal kit with the idea of a magazine subscription. Inspired by the magazine’s variability between each issue, I wanted to create a journal kit that contained monthly prompts centred around different keywords within the realm of slowness.



Comma is a mindfulness brand that creates space for us to pause in a fast-paced world. Our brand aims to help people realize how important it is to take some time to focus on ourselves amid rapid changes through the idea of slowness. 

We need to slow down. We need time for rest and reflection.
And this is why we created our slowness kit.

Our monthly slowness kit delivers a journal centred around a specific keyword, monthly interactive activities, a playlist, postcard, and stationery goods right to your door.

Subscribe now to invest time for yourself in your everyday life.







Each month has a different colour theme in accordance with its keyword. The March issue, for example, has the keyword ‘pause’ and was designed with a green thematic for its 46 pages. 

Click above to read the full PAUSE Journal!


There are 12 different designs according to each month’s keyword, and designed postcard can be used as an actual postcard or a decoration.


Music is one of the factors that has a great impact on us. A curated playlist card is included in each month’s kit.




Final Design

All of the packaging materials are chosen in consideration of sustainability.


Lucy Ryu

Hi! My name is Lucy, and I was born and raised in South Korea.

My passion for design can be traced back to the time right after I came to Canada. I believed the experiences I’ve had from different cultures would be my strength in this multi-cultural community to take different perspectives and embrace the difference as a designer.

And now, I define myself as a designer who better understands customers/users’ needs and brings the best solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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