Collectioning III, Loose Ends

Katherine Cross

“Tile Pattern” 2021, ink on paper


Queer Kitsch, Antiques, Inheritance, and Non-Context.

Cabinets of Curiosity, otherwise known as Antiquarians or Wonder-Cabinets (Wunderkammer), are rooms, cupboards or loosely stored collections of notable objects or artifacts of scientific note. These early museums largely served as status symbols, but relate to a visual library nowadays often associated with the sterility of institution, or the manic collector who is crushed beneath the weight of their treasures. In the everyday, collections become patterns of accumulation, rhythms of objects in a space, things you notice every time you step into a room. I am often drawn to decoration and collection in my practice, assembling objects in themed groups as the composition may require, sorting real space into the diorama-like arrangement of the still life or study. The relationships of object, assortment, and image.

From, “Collectioning” (zine)

I spot him first, four white molars poking through the silt at low tide

I point and call out,

I am in my Sunday Best, so

She is the one to fish him up.”

“How to cultivate an old place,

Chronology of

The Beloved,

The Created,

sewing, quilting,


Katherine Cross

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Based in ever-rainy Vancouver, Katherine is an illustrator, crafter, and mycology enthusiast raised in the ecologically rich foothills of the North Shore Mountains. Katherine came into illustration as a child obsessed with books, visual encyclopedias, illustrated folktales, and scouring local libraries for the striking covers of young reader’s novels. Working in gouache and coloured pencil, they use nostalgic imagery to explore our relationship to the natural world and the visual legacies of folk art and crafts. A lover of illustration’s reflection of the everyday, it is the simple wonders of life and nature that inspire Katherine’s work as an illustrator.

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