The Woven Garden

Alexander Swanson

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South side of the campus. Atrium

Learning to be good medicine for the earth.

I never noticed it before, the decay around the edges. They were calling out for water in a vast desert of roots tumbling. I never noticed how the leaves lifted their heads at the first sign of spring. I never noticed another being. Now I find myself in rhythm with the changing seasons. I poke holes in the dirt and plant tomorrows harvest. Gardening is a patient game but one that I cherish. Finding restoration and rebirth, learning to be good medicine for the earth.

The Woven Garden is a reflection on permanency, or lack thereof within Vancouver. People are moving from place to place, buildings are growing taller and space is limited. Permanency is a myth in a world that is constantly changing. The cart affords the ability to transport a space or transform it. If you are moving, it moves with you. The boxes can be placed indoors as well as outside, on a balcony or in the grass. Gardening is meant to be a place of healing and for that I was drawn to it. For in the end it is true that by nourishing the land it nourishes you.

If you want to see the how the garden moves and transforms click the link below!

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