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Stephanie Buer

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 A solitary, meditative state of walking and building a relationship with place is integral to my art making, an intentional mindset that is reflected in my studio practice. This act of walking coupled with a mindful drawing practice is how I connect to and  better understand the world around me.  Through long hours of slowly building up marks, in a tedious but gentle moving meditation; aware of every tiny mark and how it adds up with every other tiny mark building into an illusion representative of these landscapes I inhabit. 

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Stephanie Buer

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Stephanie Buer is a Master of Fine Arts Candidate at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College For Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. After receiving her BFA she worked in car design at General Motors for a short while before moving to Portland, Oregon to pursue a career as an artist, making landscape paintings and drawings. Stephanie has been working as an artist now for twelve years showing all over the United States and Internationally. Her work is an exploration of her relationship to place.

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