Form of The Clay

Daiying Liu

Log line

A Chinese clay master discusses cultural communication through his work.


Film Synopsis

A Chinese artist named Liu Fuchang who is professional at making handicraft with clay. The film describes his journey and how these beautiful sculptures have been made which also contains a strong affection for my traditional culture. With the perspective of a craftsman, Fuchang Yang leads us inside his workshop and brings out the importance of cultural communication and interaction. 

Behind the story

Form of the Clay is a documentary film that describes a clay master Fuchang Yang and his work.And this film is mainly done by myself. I’ve tried many genres of film during the study of Emily Carr, and I’d like to try something different this time. Unlike narrative film or dramatic film, the story of  documentary film can not be made up. Besides, I want to bring something about my home city and the story choosing are very difficult at the beginning of this production. I was walking along the street and searching for the stories, coincidentally walking into Fuchang Yang’s workshop and we had an interesting conversation that day. He’s a very kind person and also willing to show these skills to more people outside China. Even under the tense situation of Covid-19, he’s still opening his workshop for me to shoot. And the film finally finished shooting at the beginning of 2022.

Title and credits

Form of the Clay

Director: Daiying Liu

Cinematograher: Daiying Liu

Sound:Daiying Liu

Editing:Daiying Liu

Starring:Fuchang Yang

Special Thanks :Lindsay McIntyre  Harry Killas

Special Thanks:Heilongjiang Broadcasting Television

Artists Statement

I’ve shot this film in China Harbin which is my home city. I met Fuchang Yang by coincidence and I Was very interested in him and his work. We talked about how he made these clay sculptures and I mentioned I want to bring his story and work to more people. Then our journey begins. I really like a quote from Fuchang Yang from the film, “ The clay is only a medium, the culture that we meant to be presented is much more important. I think media arts have some similarities to clay at this point. So I made this documentary short in order to show my culture to those who may not have a chance to acknowledge them through the medium of screen.

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Daiying Liu, who is an international student graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. He loves exploring different types of media arts especially in the Film and Photography area. And he has tried various genres of film in recent years. He loves the process of doing post production, and he had a chance to work with a professional local Documentary Director as an editing assistant. For now, Daiying Liu is seeking the opportunities to work with people who’s interested in the theme of cultural fusion in the future. He believes that under the city of Vanconver, there are various stories worthily being exposed on screen.

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