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Artist Statement

Jordan Baraniecki is a professional artist based in Saskatoon, Canada. His bold three-dimensional ink collages use colour, texture, space and form as their own visual language to communicate a relationship between cosmic and microscopic. He creates gestural ink marks with Copic ink, meticulously cuts out the pieces and collages them in a multi-layer way. This creates a sculptural element to the work that uses two-dimensional materials to allude to three-dimensional form.

Jordan partners with corporations and brands, so he can transform the subject matter of his ink collages for unique projects too. This can be seen through his partnerships with Herschel Clothing and The Vancouver Opera.

Final Thesis Exhibition – 2022 – Photo: Michael Love

Biography and the last 18 months at Emily Carr University

Jordan Baraniecki was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His Bachelors of Fine Art took him to three different universities across Canada where he received scholarships and awards in drawing. His Masters degree was completed at Emily Carr University in 2022.

During his degree, Jordan exhibited Internationally in an exhibition at the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow, Poland called Prototypes: Canadian Experimental Print, where he showed a triptych of Rorschach-like prints in bright blue ink on clearfilm. This was the second time Jordan has had projects in Poland, with the first being an artist residency in Lodz in 2016.

‘When the one is set against the other, The one seen as pervading them all, At the same time embracing them all in itself’, 2022, ink on clearfilm, various sizes.’ ink on clearfilm, various sizes. – Academy of Fine Art, Krakow, Poland

As well, he was in a group exhibition called Earth Matters at Gallery George in Vancouver where he made his first gallery sale in 2021.

When Life Allows For Moments Of Bliss – 42″x13.5″x12″ – acrylic, ink and steel – 2021

In addition, he held a project called Making Sense Of It All during the summer of 2021, where he created poetry and projection projects for three different community centres in the South of Vancouver for four different events. This was using the cutup poetry technique made-famous by the Surrealists. The contemporary twist was to photograph the poems and digitally alter them for semi-real time projections. He also undertook the Contingencies of Care residency that partnered with OCAD University and he adapted the Making Sense Of It All project for the digital space.

Making Sense Of It All – Kids Camp Workshop at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre – 2021

During the summer his work was included in a student-run film at Capilano University called Non Finito, which followed an artist that was conflicted by his own identity. This was also a plexiglass sculpture that was similar to the work shown at Gallery George.

He has undertook projects with major companies such as Herschel Clothing as the artist in residence for the infinity box project, which he called Light and Dark. It highlighted three custom plexiglass sculptures and a custom LED screen from his ink collage photographs for the Spring 2022.

He was also the first student to collaborate on a project with the Vancouver Opera to create a projection component to the show. For the Cavalleria Rusticana opera he created a series of motion-graphic abstract ink scenes to evoke specific emotions during the performance. These photographs came from his recent ink collage works that were shown during his final thesis exhibition. He was featured on the front webpage of the Emily Carr University website and was credited in articles from Stir Vancouver.

Vancouver Opera’s Cavalleria Rusticana performance – 2022 – photo: Timothy Matheson

At Emily Carr University, Jordan was a Teaching Assistant in his first term and was also the Shop + Space Technician for the pilot-project position, which helped fellow students navigate the shops and give advice on where to get projects done at the university. He also ran the @emilycarrMFA Instagram page for the duration of his time at the university and co-curated the State of Practice MFA exhibition with Matty Flader in the summer of 2021.

Post graduation, he is in partnership with the 0x Society Gallery in Montreal, which is the first crypto art gallery in Canada to develop his first NFTs through the mentorship program. This project invites artists from across Canada to develop and learn about the NFT marketplace and how the ever changing world of contemporary art is integrating the new space.

Digital art for NFT project

He will be undertaking a year-long artist residency in his home town at the historic Bunkhouse property in June, where he will be looking at the change of pace and state-of-mind shifts from living in Vancouver to moving back to Saskatoon. He will be creating a series of ink collages and one unique project.

As well, he a finalist in the BrushOff Competition in Niagara Falls, where two of his ink collages are being shown and partial proceeds will be going to Alzheimers research.

Jordan Baraniecki has moved back to his hometown in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, where he will continue to pursue his ink collage artwork and creative projects that transform the subject matter. His goals in Vancouver and at Emily Carr University were to learn as much as possible through the people and the shops. His goal as a fellow cohort member was to build up his peers to see them succeed as well. Post-graduation his work is already being shown across Canada, which was his ultimate goal; to continue creating as soon as he finished.

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