One More Time

YueMing Hong

Medium: short film

Film Synopsis:

Huan discovers that a device that he previously obtained allows him to time travel. He tries to use this ability to improve his loved ones’ lives and his relationship. However, when he travels to the future, he sees a result that is completely different from what he envisions. On his final chance, Huan is forced to make a life-altering decision: to reconnect with his loved one or maintain his present-day relationships.

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Behind the scene

on set photo of One More Time production

Artists Statement:

My work is inspired by my interpersonal experiences within my hometown KaiPing and Canada. Through science fiction tropes and futurism, I reconstruct personal narratives to allow myself to reflect on my familial relationships. By emulating this experience through the characters in my films, I create a viewership dynamic that allows the audience to connect from a variety of backgrounds.

YueMing Hong

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YueMing Hong is an emerging filmmaker born in KaiPing and is currently based in Vancouver, BC. He holds a BMA in Film and Screen Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and a Diploma in Fine arts from Langara college, with a focus on dramatic narrative and experimental films. His recent narrative films include One More Time and The Harmony Planet.

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