Hidden Space

Yeranran Wang & Yuzhu Huo

Yeranran Wang & Yuzhu Huo

The hidden space is full of dangers, leaving you with less and less time. Stay alive! And be wary of your “teammates”, they may have betrayed you….

Game Tags: Multiplayer Online, Multiplayer Cooperative, Puzzle, Survival, Adventure, Reasoning
Sensitive content notice: This game contains a small amount of horror elements, please be aware.

With the development of technology, a computer engineer has successfully brought human beings into the virtual world using “brain-computer interface” technology. One day, the engineer led his students and 4 investors into the metaverse to visit the virtual world he created, but due to the invasion of the Internet virus, 6 people were trapped in a hidden space in the metaverse.
They will need to return to the real world, and two traitors in the hidden space are trying to find a way to keep them here forever…

Game Trailer

In the past five years, social reasoning games such as “Murder Mystery” and Werewolf have become very popular. Many young people use such games to relieve stress, entertain and socialize. As fans of such games, in the process of playing we found a lot of problems to be improved. So we chose to design a social reasoning game as my graduation project. We want to create a meaningful game world through my design and provide players with a better gaming experience.

Why choose this theme
Our game is themed around a technical glitch in the “brain-computer interface”. Human beings are going further and further on the road of pursuing high-tech development. No one can define whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but when technology and biology come together, it often makes me uneasy. I take my fantasy of brain-computer interface as the story background of the game, and I hope that the game experience can also arouse players’ thinking about the development of technology.

Video Prototype

We showed the game in the form of a live game from the perspective of a traitor player.

01 Multiplayer Oline: Two factions, Six classes
Each player takes on the role of a different class: Singer, Student, Police, Energy Provider, Computer Engineer, Soldier. Each class has different initial equipment and abilities.
After the start of the game, the players of different classes were divided into two factions, 4 good people, 2 villains. The goal of the good people is to gather information from all over the place to decipher the code and get out of the hidden space without losing their lives. The goal of the villains is to prevent the good people from returning to the real world.

02 Hidden Space Survival: First-person, High immersion
While completing the final goal, the player’s priority is to solve their own survival task in the hidden space. The game has three states for the player: energy bar, health bar, and sanity bar. Energy or sanity dropping to 0 or being attacked will reduce health point. Player die when the health point drops to 0. The player needs to leave the master control room and search this area for information fragments and energy sticks.
There is danger everywhere. First, sanity points continues to drop when the player leaves the master control room, and drops even more at night or when scared. In order to obtain energy and food, it is inevitable to fight hostile mobs: Micro-robot, Robotic patrol dog, Large robots out of control and so on. The player has to fight them and get resources from them. In addition, when the good people leave the master control room, they need to be careful of the villains’ attack. If accidentally left alone, it is very likely to be killed by the zombie which is summoned by the villian.
The tension and excitement of living in this hidden space will be enhanced in first-person 3D gaming. Giving the player a highly immersive experience.

03 Strategy to fight: Improvise and work as a team
In order to achieve the ultimate goal of the game, the game does not dictate the steps for the player, and the player has the freedom to choose what strategy he or she wants to play through. As the good people, they can identifying the villains and finding evidence to prove who is the villain. Then kill the villiain with their teammates. Or you can just do your own job and help your teammates get through safely.
There are more options for being a villian. You can plant a virus in a power stick to frame people or destroy information fragments, damage power in order to hold back the deciphering progress. You can also implant a virus in the singer’s music tape to make everyone’s sanity points drop even lower or summon zombies to attack people outside of the master control room.

Reflection – Yuzhu Huo

The process was tough and my team was only two people. For better design, we have to play more roles. Fortunately, we finally did it and learned a lot. In order to achieve the desired effect, I learned UE4, and I also have an understanding of game development. Hope to have the opportunity to work in related industries in the future. I am very grateful to my instructors (Armen Haig and Lam Joyce) for the guidance, and also thanks to my team member Ranbacca for learning and helping each other with me over the past year.

Reflection – Yeranran Wang

I’ve always wanted to explore the process of making games, and this project gave me the opportunity. I hit it off with my teammate Yuzhu and decided to make such a game that we are all interested in and passionate about. I combine the 3D animation knowledge I have learned with the game engine, and express the game’s fantasy of the future metaverse in the form of 3D animation and game interaction. This is mixed with our understanding of the different roles of the game and expectations for future gamers.

Yeranran Wang & Yuzhu Huo

Hi, I’m Yeranran Wang, a 3D animation creator interested in game art and design. I’ve been interested in graphics and stories from a very early age, and animation is certainly a suitable vehicle. The inspiration and creativity that life gives me can always be expressed through animation, and the same is true of games. The difference is that the slow-paced and strong interactive experience of the game is closer to the narrative experience mode I pursue, and animation happens to be an introduction for me to enter this field. Animation and games are always where my passion and creativity go for.

Contact: ranbacca@gmail.com

Hi, My name is Huo yuzhu. I’m an interaction design student of Emily Carr University of art and design class 2022. Besides interaction design and UX design, I am also very interested in game design. Challenging new things I am interested in always gives me a sense of accomplishment

Contact: hyz1997499@gmail.com