Stop And Go

Giovanna Z. Gowmez

Duration: 3:52 min

Medium: 2D Digital Animation




In a world where robots have achieved free-will, Pappy, the school patrol robot, realizes that all is not as it seems to be. 

Artist Statement

Personally, I love when stories play with my expectations; the way that creators would use certain elements to build a controlled expectation in the audience’s mind, and at the end, turn the expectation against the audience. This method of storytelling confronts the audience’s history with narrative, culture, and interaction. This allows us to question the reason why we allowed ourselves to fall into the manipulation of the story; ideas and expecta?ons are regularly fed to us by those in power. It is in the act consuming ideas and expectations, we must question the messaging, and that not all information is accurate to the reality of the world. 

Project Stills


  • Director: Giovanna Z. Gowmez
  • Storyboard Artist: Ling Wan
  • Music Composers: Dmitri Kristalinsky and Nicholas Grainwing MarrioZ 
  • Assistant Sound Designer: Ashley Seward
  • Animation Assistance: Christine Lee, Emily Greyson, Alayna Y., Christy Chan, and Chloe Cabading 
  • Background Artists: Ling Wan and Anna Pothecary 
  • Clean up: Minchae Jee, Curt Gonzaga, Chloe Cabading, Christine Lee, Christy Chan, Emily Greyson, and Celina Doubleday 

Special Thanks

  • Lorelei Pepi
  • Leslie Bishko
  • Lanita
  • Bella Legara
  • Our Friends and Family

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Giovanna Z. Gowmez

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Giovanna is an Indonesian-Canadian creator, based in Vancouver. They grew up drawing on the sides of their assignments, and creating individualized narratives for each doodle; this was their spark for going into animation. Giovanna studied 2D-Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, in hopes of expanding their skills in storytelling and character animation. She plans to learn game design in Vancouver Film School, and one day create her own game.

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