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N. Droz

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In the grey room, near the animation screening room.

I decided to use my last year to produce works to get myself closer to what I think my ideal art style should be. I believe through these explorations, I accomplished that goal.

Unknown Domain, Digital, 2021.

Printed on metallic paper.

Splash Art for Enna Aloulette’s Higurashi Fan Concert, Digital, 2022.
Amore, Digital, 2022.

Printed on metallic paper.

Flow, Digital, 2022.
My Best Friend, Digital, 2022.

Printed on metallic paper.

Six Swans, Digital, 2021.

Printed on back-lighting paper, and placed inside a light box.

Day of The Dead, Digital, 2021.

Printed on metallic paper.

Blurring Fiction with Reality, Digital, 2021.
When Animals Grieve, Digital and Pencil, 2021.
Product, Digital and Pencil, 2021.
Portraits, Digital and Pencil, 2021.
Falling Pendora, Digital, 2021.
Lost in the Sky, Digital, 2022.

Printed on metallic paper.

Fan Concert Poster: Enna Aloulette, Digital and Pencil, 2022.

N. Droz

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N.Droz is a Polish-Canadian Illustrator who creates decorative digital art, similar to stained glass windows, also at times painterly and orchestral in nature. Growing up with an interest in anime and comics, their style has subtle remains of that obsession, but still has the fundamentals of art applied to this stylization.

They are interested in work for promotional art, advertisement, poster work, and publishing.

When they are not creating art, you can find them gaming, studying for fun, watching vtubers, or touching grass with their dog.

Freelance/general inquires: ndroz833@gmail.com

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