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3D Animation

  • Personal Project
  • 4th Year Final project
  • Sept. 2021 – April. 2022

Carrot tells the story of a generous little white rabbit who shared delicious carrots with her
neighbours and met another hungry little gray rabbit. Although only the last carrot was left, the
little white rabbit gave it to the little gray rabbit. Then, she went home and replanted the second
batch of carrots. This time, her neighbours came to the little White Rabbit’s house to collect carrots
when the carrots were ripe, and Little White Rabbit still distributed carrots to her neighbours. There
was only the last carrot left in the field, and the little gray rabbit appeared again. The hungry little
white rabbit hesitated whether to give the little gray rabbit this carrot. At this time, her neighbours
discovered that the little white rabbit was unwilling to share carrots with the weak little gray
rabbit. In the end, they punished the little white rabbit in their own way and left.
It’s a story with so many themes, including profit and justice. I hope my story will make the
audience think about some questions. When self profit conflicts with other’s profit, how do we
choose? Is what we think of as justice the real justice? In the process of creating this work, I never
let myself stop thinking about these questions. This experience has taught me to understand how
things are before evaluating them, and I also understand the importance of learning to reject


3D Animation

  • Personal Project
  • 3th Year Final project
  • Sept. 2020 – April. 2021

In China, there is a saying called “go home often “. As a student in a foreign country, I always encounter difficulties. Whenever this time, it will let me recall my parents far away in China. They have taught me to be brave, generous, and strong. When I was young, they were always my haven, giving me love and care. And all that they gave, has been supporting me to be able to face frustration brave forward. I put my feelings into my first animated film. In the process of making this film, I also encountered all kinds of difficulties, but my parents’ call always gave me the strength to persist. This film will give me the courage and strength to move on when I encounter difficulties again in the future.


Mixed Media Painting

  • Personal Project
  • 7th Year project
  • Jan. 2018 – April. 2018



  • Personal Project
  • 1st Year project
  • Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2017



  • Personal Project
  • 2nd Year project
  • Jan. 2019 – April. 2019



  • Personal Project
  • 3rd Year Final project
  • Sept. 2019 – Dec. 2019


Under the Moon (Fan Art)


Lazy Day (Fan Art)



Installation, 2019


Installation, 2016


Installation, 2018


Ceramic, 2019

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Kexin (Yan) Chen graduated from the Animation Program at Emily Carr
University of Arts + Design with a Bachelor in Computer ANIMATION IN 2022.
She mainly produces animation, models, sculpture, installation, painting, and drawing. She is keen to explore the relationship between humans, society and ego. She hopes that viewers will reflect on themselves and society after watching her works and be inspired to discover the beauty in life.

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