Magically Unicorny

Meeko Ploquin

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On May 14th at 7pm, the 3DAN screening will feature Magically Unicorny, It will be shown in the Reliance Theatre, located on the far west side of the building, on levels 1 and 2.

Title: Magically Unicorny
Director: Meeko Ploquin
Year Completed: 2022
Country of production: Canada
Duration/TRT:  01m 30s 
Media: 3D Animation
Film genre: Comedy, 3D Animation, 2D Animation
Film Synopsis: A unicorn dealing with a tight film schedule doesn’t want to pretend to be the perfect magical creature anymore; instead she just wants to “horse around”

Contact & Distribution Information:

Contact: Michelle (Meeko) Ploquin

Mailing address: 5591 Garratt Court

Buisness Email:

Cell: (778) 994-1062

Film Credits:

Director, Meeko Ploquin
Producer, Meeko Ploquin

Sound Design, Meeko Ploquin

Modeling, Meeko Ploquin
Texturing, Meeko Ploquin

Artists Statement:

The film is based on the idea of, “what if a unicorn didn’t want to act magical and perfect anymore, and just got into mischief?”

This film was originally meant to be an experimental animation in 3D and 2D animation, and then morphed along the way into a story about a unicorn on a film set being itself despite what others want from it.  The idea was created back in 2018, and has been an on-going idea since then, resulting in the finished product that exists now.

Meeko Ploquin

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Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. When not working on my numerous projects, I tend to play tabletop rpgs, re-watch Disney films and cartoons, and go for long walks to sort out production problems in my head. I am currently looking for a career. If you think we would work well together or have a project that needs a hand. feel free to contact me at my business email!

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