Paper Planes

Tina Zhang


A young boy and girl share moments through paper planes, feeling like they will be friends forever

Paper Planes Trailer (2022)

Film Information

Country of Production: Canada

Duration: 2min 50s

Media: 2D Digital Animation

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life


Director: Tina Zhang

Music Composer: Ben Ledochowski

Sound Design: Nicholas Marriott

Colorists: Militza Maria Fernandez Solis and Irene Kao

Artist Statement

I wanted to focus on a simple story that would bring life to two characters that live in a beautiful world with a hint of magic. My passion is exploring different backgrounds and layouts and this is combined with my style that embraces the magical and cute. I have always been inspired by Japanese style animation, especially with their vivid colors and complex backgrounds, which can be seen in this animated short. My love for animation and storytelling brings the film together as a whole.

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Tina Zhang

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Tina Zhang is a Vancouver based 2D animator and background artist. Growing up in China and Canada, she has always loved cartoons and video games from each culture. These influences are deeply connected to to her environment designs and art style. While at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, she learned 2D animation principles, 2D software and furthered her expertise in background design. Tina’s goal is to pursue a career in the animation industry to learn and expand her knowledge while working with talented artists.

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