Something You Haven’t Seen

Wenmiao Hu

Wenmiao Hu

Duration: 2:30min

Medium: 2D Digital Animation

Animator/Director: Wenmiao Hu


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A girl notices that her classmate is so strange sometimes. One day by accident, they exchange souls, and the girl discovers that her classmate lives in a totally different world.

Artist Statement

I love creating stories that happen in worlds full of magic and miracles. But at the same time, ​there may be some dark shadows hiding behind those peaceful and lovely worlds. I am inspired by Japanese animation stories and art style.

Project Stills


  • Director: Wenmiao Hu
  • Music Composer: Teng Duan
  • Sound designer: Sugar Chen, Westar

Special Thanks

  • Lorelei Pepi
  • All classmates and friends of 2DAN-410-S031-2022
  • My family


Wenmiao Hu

Wenmiao Hu is a student from China studying 2D Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Along with her animation skills, she also has experience in character designs, storyboards and illustration. Her goal is to have a career in 2D animation, while specializing in character designs.

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