The Cat’s Meow

Emily Raymond & Meghan Radano

About the film:

Title: The Cats Meow

Directors: Emily “Michi” Raymond, Meghan Radano

Year Completed: 2022

Country of production: Canada

Duration/TRT:  02m 39s 

Media: 2D Digital Animation

Film genre: Comedy

Film Synopsis: When a hungry stray cat steals a fish from a market stall, she is spotted by a determined guard dog.

Film Credits:

Directors, Emily “Michi” Raymond, Meghan Radano

Executive producer, Sarah Deline, Michael Radano, Rochelle Fleming

Music Composer, Dmitri Kristalinsky

Sound Design, Emily “Michi” Raymond

Backgrounds, Alayna Y

Animation cleanup, MunchasaurOcto

Voice Acting, TheParr0tVA, Andy, Emily “Michi” Raymond

The Cat being chased by the Dog

This film is a love letter to our enjoyments of classic cartoons such as Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and various other hilarious cartoons we used to grow up with! We were inspired by some of the greats of animation, like Tex Avery, and set out to make something fun and enjoyable for all ages! We also love animals, so we let our imaginations run wild just as they do in the film!

Visual developments

Animation tests

Cat jumping down from window

Emily Raymond & Meghan Radano

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Emily Raymond is a Vancouver based Canadian-American animator. She has been passionate about animation ever since she was young, with the dream to make her creations come to life no matter the media. She pursued the study of 2D-Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, taking those skills and applying them to a variety of different forms. Her professional experiences include rigging and modeling character rigs for international clients, toy making and costume design.

Burnaby based artist Meghan Radano, is an aspiring animator and amateur soft toys seamstress. A current student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, she specializes in 2D frame by frame animation. Although recently, Meghan has been –slowly, at exaggerated gradual pace– dipping her toes into other pools and techniques. She is testing the waters both as a means to slake her curiosity, as well as for the sake of saving time and her future sanity, as futile as the endeavor may be.

To contact Meghan for business related inquiries, please contact her by clicking HERE

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