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Lucia Ponce Laresgoiti

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As someone who acknowledges the value of outdoor recreational activities to promote personal and social wellbeing, I jumped into this project intending to explore the way humans relate to natural systems through sports and recreation. My project focuses on our relationship, knowledge, and sensibility to one natural element; the wind. Wind outdoor activities promote awareness and understanding of the wind through the devices that capture it. 

The challenge of this project is how to make the experience of wind activities accessible to people in urban contexts. 
The aim of the project was to design an approachable experience that encouraged a body-wind interaction through play.

Main Elements of the Experience

There are three key elements to this experience; the wind devices, the users, and the space in which the activity takes place.

Wind Devices



The Experience

Moving forward, I want to share my time this summer to activate the experience by inviting people to play with the wind. I want to look into the educational and recreational qualities of the experience. I will pay attention to how knowledge is shared and how relationships are built in this context. I believe sharing this experience with others will be a great opportunity to learn with and from them. 

I don’t quite know where this project will go, but I will set it in motion and let it be blown by the wind.

Thank you!

Lucia Ponce Laresgoiti

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I am a Mexican Industrial Designer living in Montreal, Canada. I am curious, perceptive, and sensitive, and I learn by engaging in and reflecting on experiences. I find great value in collaboration, reciprocity, and empathy.

Play and humor are important to me, and I try to incorporate them into my design practice as often as possible.

I want to create specific, straightforward, and approachable designs; design solutions that are genuine and can easily flow into, transform and benefit existing systems.

I enjoy working on projects that involve iterative design, multidisciplinary design, co-design, and designing for sustainability.

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