KRUGER (Lions Bay) 2021/GRAD 2022

Donoh L. S 🎓

Congratulations Donoh upon your success to graduation from Emily Carr University of Art + Design achieving a 4.1 GPA nominated as the top student in the faculty of Painting, Visual Arts. It was a pleasure having you here. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Private Collection | Mixed Mediums, Arylics. (28″x 29″)

A passionate and diligent student studying under the faculty of Painting graduating towards the achievement of a Bachelors Degree of Fine/Visual Arts at Emily Carr University School for Design + Art. Ranked as one of the top 30 colleges in the world for Art, I plan to take the knowledge that I’ve learned into the global sector towards graduation whether it is in the career form of International Relations within Private Galleries, or studying Art Dealership in the aim to work and be based from New York City, and London. I am in love with Painting in the form of the Artist, and humbled that I can share the work that I’ve made transitioning into my professional career after my experience here at Emily Carr. 


In honour of Amber Pascual and my Mother.

Donoh L. S 🎓

I’m an emerging visual artist fascinated by the nature of abstraction and gestural composition. In this creative heart space and stream of consciousness, I act as a detective to recalibrate my understanding and notions of humanity to unify universal transgressions of the human condition. Binded by navigational and historical turmoil being a person of color, I’m a practitioner of decolonizing the work through the practice of abstraction and abrasive gestural mark making. I’m in service to creating a sensory experience that challenges our motions around decoding, compromising, and our associated relationships with the immediate realities of our world. Through the expression to unweave my interpersonal footprint, my work pushes the audience to question modalities and the awareness to our relationship with time as a fleeting narrative. My paintings are not a mere expression of seldom or emotions, but rather portraying what occurs in between the moments that are not visible to the human eye. Confronting notions of faith, the miraculous, and existence on the frontlines of humanity hidden behind the composed enduring vigor of the human spirit.