Smoke Trail (2022)

Seok Young Yoon

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Live event: Premiere Screenings | May 14, 7:00 pm

Smoke Trail
3D Computer Animation
Duration/TRT:  03m 21s
Drama, Science Fiction


An old man on his deathbed is waiting for his last moment in hospital quarters, accompanied by the nursing robot. The old man is reminiscent of his previous life as a pilot, and the robot learns to sympathize with the old man’s long forgotten passion. The robot comforts the old man in his final moment as they watch the sky align with airplanes.

Artist Statement

The film embarks with an old man on his deathbed, a depiction of cruelty as he is left alone from any family or friend’s care. Beside him is a lifeless caretaker robot that mandates the rules and protocol as he was programmed to do so. As the two stay close together, the robot develops the capability to feel empathy, and understand the dying man’s last wish. The film juxtaposes the cruelty and lack of empathy found in people of modern society, against an inhuman machine developing humanity and learning to feel respect and empathy to those in need.

I grew up in South Korea, a country still at war and with family members who are still scarred from the warfare. However, on the flipside, because I was raised in a country still split into two from war, I have always had immense respect for those who have served, people who risked their lives for others. This ironic thought of disdain and admiration of humanity was the driving motif of my film, Smoke Trail. With this film, I hoped to express my belief that our actions define who we are.


Directed and Produced by

Seok Young Yoon

Sound Design by

Benjamin Paul de Caiman


Autodesk Maya

Pixologic Zbrush

Substance Painter

Maxon Redshift

Foundry Nuke

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Special Thanks

Woonam Kim

Ian Woo

John Li

Jiwoon Kim

Alex Liu

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Seok Young Yoon

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Seok Young Yoon, also known as Edward Yoon, is a 3D Animation student in Emily Carr University. Born and spent his childhood in South Korea, he moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was 12 years old. He has had a great passion for arts and animation since he was a child, he pursues the careers of being a concept artist and 3D modeling artist. He hopes to find opportunities within the film, television, and video game industry.

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